Monthly Archives: May 2013

Leading Edge certification: first reflection

  • Considering the online learning self-assessment you took this week, and thinking about your reasons for taking this course, what is your highest priority learning goal for this course?

I’m starting at a new high school in September, with a clear mandate to incorporate technology, and with students expected to be immersed. Over the years, I’ve used technology more or less successfully, and usually as a tool that I operate rather than an opportunity for students to work. I try to get the students involved, but it’s usually just easier to do it myself. I hope to break out of these bad habits, think more creatively, and get introduced to more technology.

  • What are some specific skills, strategies or tools you are hoping to learn more about?

I would like to know about more tools that the students can use constantly. I teach math, and it’s usually simpler to work with paper and/or whiteboards and post results under the ELMO. (I’m thankful to have an ELMO!) Can we get beyond this with tablets and styli? We’ll see.

I definitely want to have students work at their desks and have the opportunity to instantly, remotely share their work on the LCD projector for all to view.