Monthly Archives: December 2013

Opening a PDF that won’t open

Tech Tips for Tuesday

Do you ever find yourself in a PDF document with a menu that doesn’t work? This happens in the online Prentice-Hall math documents all the time because our Adobe Reader isn’t current. We’ve opened a document by clicking a link on a web page, and then there’s a complete menu that produces errors whenever you click on it.
Here’s how to quickly work around this error by opening the document in Adobe instead of Chrome. When you’re on the working PDF file in Chrome, click the PDF icon in the right side of the address bar. You’ll be prompted to open the document in Adobe Reader. Click through the warnings and errors (caused by your out-of-date software), and you’ll find yourself in the same document, now with a fully functional menu.

Google as calculator etc.

Tech Tips for Tuesday

Need to multiply 1.234 times 56.789 real quick and don’t have a calculator? Just type it into the Google search field, press Enter, and you’ll have the result — called a “product” in the math wing of Building 600 — PLUS a handy scientific calculator. Google is smart enough to recognize “times” or “x” or “*” as multiplication operators.
Also built into Google is a unit converter — need to know how many drams are in a pint? — and a currency converter.

Maintaining Multiple Identities

Tech Tips for Tuesday

I am not a crook. But it’s often handy on a computer to maintainmultiple identities: I have a personal Google account, as well as one provided by the district. I use Google Calendar for my published homework assignments, and the district version of this doesn’t always display correctly, so I use an outside Google account for this.
I find similar needs for multiple accounts with Dropbox and with the publisher of our textbooks. But I don’t want to log in and out of these accounts, so I run multiple browsers.
I use Chrome for my basic needs: email, YouTube, WolframAlpha. For my homework calendars and a few other special purposes, I use Internet Explorer. (I don’t have it on my desktop, so I start it from the Run button by entering IEXPLORE.) I’ve been using Firefox for Synergy because I find I need to clear my cookies a lot to work around various bugs, and I don’t want to toss my cookies in Chrome. It’s easy to Alt-Tab between the three browser windows as needed.