Short URLs

Tech Tips for Tuesday

Often you have a web resource you’d like to share with your students — a Google document, a web page, a PDF — that has an unwieldy URL. There are several web sites that will shorten your URL and give you a unique address that is easy to type and easy to write on a whiteboard. Although Google and Bitly provide excellent URL shortening services, these are blocked within PSUSD. Instead, use TinyURL, which is unblocked.
Find the URL you want to use, and copy it to your clipboard. Go to, and paste the long URL into the “Enter a long URL” field. Click the “Make TinyURL!” button. You will get an abbreviated URL which you can copy or write on a whiteboard.
For further convenience, omit the protocol part of the URL (“http://”) and just start with the “www” part of the URL.
It probably goes without saying, but for this and all URLs, double check them in a browser — inside the district network, if you can — before you commit them to print.

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