Switching Between Tasks in Windows and Chrome

Tech Tips for Tuesday

Working in Word but need to switch to Chrome to check for Facebook notifi… I mean, so you can enter grades in Synergy?
When you have multiple tasks running and you want to switch to a new one, you don’t need to grab the mouse, move it to the bottom of the screen, wait for the task bar to appear, and click on the task’s icon. It’s faster to keep both hands on the keyboard. Windows users, just hold the Alt key down with your left thumb and scroll through your current tasks by tapping the Tab key. Release both keys when you reach the task you want. (Mac users substitute the Apple key for the Alt key.)
Likewise, you can switch between tabs in Chrome using the Ctl-Tab key sequence. (This works in the Chrome browser on all operating systems.) Whether switching tasks or tabs, you can reverse the order of the scrolling by holding down the Shift key as you go.

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