Automatically Removing Unwanted Mail

Tech Tips for Tuesday

I recently found myself in an email vortex revolving around some kind of unwise office romance between a teacher and a principal, in some remote district I know nothing about. It was not as interesting as it sounds. Most of the messages consisted of Reply Alls from people asking not to be emailed about this.
Just so we’re clear: Email messages, in my inbox, from strangers who were complaining (to me) about getting email from strangers.
I made the problem vanish with an Inbox Rule in Outlook, like this:
1) Copy the subject of the offending messages.
2) Go to Options | Create an Inbox Rule
3) New
4) Apply this rule… * When the message arrives, and: It includes these words in the subject (paste the subject here)
5) Do the following: Delete the message
6) Save

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