Maintaining Multiple Identities

Tech Tips for Tuesday

I am not a crook. But it’s often handy on a computer to maintainmultiple identities: I have a personal Google account, as well as one provided by the district. I use Google Calendar for my published homework assignments, and the district version of this doesn’t always display correctly, so I use an outside Google account for this.
I find similar needs for multiple accounts with Dropbox and with the publisher of our textbooks. But I don’t want to log in and out of these accounts, so I run multiple browsers.
I use Chrome for my basic needs: email, YouTube, WolframAlpha. For my homework calendars and a few other special purposes, I use Internet Explorer. (I don’t have it on my desktop, so I start it from the Run button by entering IEXPLORE.) I’ve been using Firefox for Synergy because I find I need to clear my cookies a lot to work around various bugs, and I don’t want to toss my cookies in Chrome. It’s easy to Alt-Tab between the three browser windows as needed.

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