Converting images to text

Tech Tips for Tuesday

You’ve snapped a couple paragraphs out of an online source and saved it to your hard drive as a JPEG. You need the text — your students are expected to copy and paste it into their document to edit and annotate — but you don’t want to re-type it.

Is there a magic app that will take an image of text and turn it into editable text? Yes, and it’s already on your computer and your Chromebook. There is an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) option in the upload settings in Google Drive.
To convert an image into text using Google Drive…
  1. Click the cog icon in the top right of Google Drive, and hover on the Upload Settings sub-menu.
  2. Enable “Convert text from uploaded PDF and image files”
  3. Use the Upload icon in Google Drive (upward-pointing arrow in the red box next to Create), and select the file from your hard drive.
  4. The new file in Google Drive will be a PDF containing the image and the OCRed text.



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