Creating Inbox rules

Tech Tips for Tuesday

“Inbox Rules”: It sounds as if I’m a big fan of my Inbox. Which I am. But that isn’t what I mean.

You can create rules to automatically handle mail that reaches your Outlook Inbox. If your Inbox is swamped with hundreds of pieces of email each day, and you want to easily refile all the Google Drive share notifications while simultaneously not missing that important message from your boss, consider automation.

Go to Options | Create an Inbox Rule, and create a new rule. You can magically filter on sender, recipient, subject, and other criteria, and you can then delete, move, or forward the message. I have a rule that deletes messages from a persistent spammer and another rule that refiles to the Junk folder any message that begins with “hey mr rhodewalt!” (This is part of my campaign to train the students to treat email as formal communication.)

You can add multiple criteria and multiple events to any rule. You might want to create a rule that takes each message sent from kwagner with the subject “SEE ME ASAP” and forward that to your personal email account with high priority. Or, you might want to refile every message with a subject starting with “PERIOD1-ASSIGNMENT” into a PERIOD1 folder and set the category BLUE. 

Once you create a rule, it will act automatically and silently, regardless of whether you’re logged in to Outlook or connected to the district email through a cell phone or other device.



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