Department services

Can we commit to services the department as a whole will provide?

  • CAHSEE prep in all math & science classrooms throughout the year (five minutes a week or a day).
  • CAHSEE bootcamp in the beginning of second semester.
  • MDTP during the first week, to identify at-risk math students, resulting in remediation.
  • A posted tutoring schedule for all math teachers (and all math students).

2 responses to “Department services

  1. These all sound reasonable. I am not familiar with what MDTP stands for, but I agree about identifying at-risk students. Marie and I will already know some of the students, so it will be helpful.

    • MDTP is a short multiple-choice test which we typically administer at the beginning of the school year, testing readiness for that year’s topic. If we’re on top of things, we can have the results by the first Friday of the year. The results arrive as hard-copy letters, addressed to individual students, pointing out where they’re OK and where they need improvement. (We also get the results in a CSV file.) Our only cost is the shipping to deliver the tests for scanning.

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