Department guidelines

Some things to think about, for guidelines or expectations: what do we expect from all the RMHS math students?

  • In final answers, fractions are simplified.
  • Rounding, when implied or specified, is the last step.
  • Units are always included.
  • To solve equations, work down one equation at a time, with equal signs vertically stacked. Do not mix arithmetic into this sequence. (E.g., putting long division right in the middle of the series of equivalent equations.)
  • Use equal signs to show that two expressions are equivalent, not to mean “and here comes my next step.”

What tools could we tell them to bring?

  • Two sharp pencils.
  • One dark-ink pen.
  • Lined paper.

What skills?

  • Multiplication facts (up to 12×12).
  • Addition and subtraction facts.
  • Memorize perfect squares up to 202.
  • Memorize perfect cubes up to 103.
  • Know how to multiply and divide by powers of ten.

4 responses to “Department guidelines

  1. I completely agree with all of the above. Especially the skills. My question is, if theses students don’t have these skills, what will we do about it?

  2. Definitely. I don’t know. Have you looked at TenMarks? I’ve used it a bit. Cinthia Ruiz is looking into a fancy license for the district.

  3. More guidelines:

    Show your work. (Not the arithmetic. Put that elsewhere.)
    Formatting: horizontal fraction bars, cross 7s and Zs, include instructions (“solve” and “round to the nearest tenth” etc.).

  4. What will we do about missing skills? Brief drills and informal assessments 2-3 days/week in all math classrooms, bookmarks, laminated cheat sheets (three-hole punched), promotion during daily news, schoolwide contests each week.

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