All iPads, all the time!

Very excited about this iPad idea. Is it official? This year?

How does it work? Do the kids carry them around? For the kids who don’t have access at home, is the textbook stored on the iPad, so it’s completely accessible?

Do we tell ETIS what we want on our iPads and on our students’ iPads? Can the students then install and upgrade their own apps? Who maintains our iPads? (It’s been a real hassle for the teachers at PSHS who have access to the iPad cart to keep them maintained. We check them out all day, and then run upgrades on all the individual iPads during our down moments that day.)

What if they drop or lose it? Yes, I understand there is insurance. (Is there also a contract and replacement fee?) How soon is a lost or broken iPad replaced? Do we have a set in the classroom for borrowing in class? How do they do homework then?

Will the students sign up for BYOD? Will a student’s own smart phone or tablet serve as a backup device?


2 responses to “All iPads, all the time!

  1. Great questions! This is a huge idea which will have many issues. I think this is a work in progress. I know Wagner desires to have this as a goal over the next few years, but we will definitely have to figure out the policies. I worry the students will use their iPad for more recreation than school. We will have to have strong guidelines for the students with high accountability for loss or damage.

  2. The latest is that we won’t be handing out iPads, but we will be handing out Chromebooks to the students who aren’t already bringing their own technology. I believe we’ve ordered 800 of these wonderful things. (I got one of my own recently.) Students will carry them everywhere, even at home where there is no Internet. (Many apps work offline and then synch when you connect.)

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