Technology skill: more Flash

I’ve had to modify my plans a bit. I’m working as I can, learning to use various features and components, prioritized for simplicity.

I’m learning a lot about what Flash is made of. I build a Cartesian plane, and a couple dots and a line, and then I wrote some ActionScript to build the dots and the line on startup. I originally built the Cartesian plane from lines in Flash, but I got the impression I was adding a lot of data (stored and loaded each time), so I made a GIF image instead and inserted that in a layer in Flash.

So then I lost the ability to draw the objects. I haven’t figured that out.

In the mean time, I’ve put some controls on the screen, along with some static and dynamic text. I wrote the first chunk of code. Now you can select your X1, X2, Y1 and Y2 values, and the application computes and displays the slope. You can see the Cartesian plane, but no lines or dots.

I don’t think I need all the buttons I originally proposed because I think once I get the line and dots re-drawing and finish the output (slope-dependent line color, equations of lines), I’ll have a nice useable application at a good stopping point.

I’ve exported this version as an SWF file.

This Windows server remains flakey. I’m shopping for a new home.





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