Technology skill: Flash

Because it can be delivered from any web page (regardless of O/S or web server) to nearly any client (regardless of O/S or browser), and has powerful interactivity and animation features, Macromedia Flash has become ubiquitous on the web.  I have mastered HTML, JavaScript and PHP (as well as several other server-side programming languages) and am comfortable with CSS and Fireworks.  However, I have only dabbled in Flash and have always felt this was a skill missing from my résumé.

As luck would have it, while I have an immediate need (for this class) to develop a rudimentary Flash application using ActionScript, I also find myself at the tail end of an algebra class where my students are still not comfortable with the concept of slope.

I propose to develop an application from demonstrating Flash.  The user will be able to manipulate on-screen elements and see numbers react, or vice versa.  I need to have this complete within the next two weeks in order for my students to make use of it.

The application will have the following features:

  1. Cartesian plane as a work area,
  2. A line, randomly placed on the plane when the application starts, and featuring two points.
  3. Display windows showing coordinates of each point, slope of the line, equation of the line in all three primary forms,
  4. Buttons: New Line, Flip Horizontally, Flip Vertically,
  5. Interactivity (points moveable by user, line moveable by user),
  6. Feedback (color of line changes depending on slope).

This project will require use of the graphical tools (and their object-oriented features) in Flash, as well as ActionScript.  Within the time I have, I expect to complete Features #1-3 and the first button by May 20 (in time to review for our Slope test) with other features added by the end of the quarter.



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